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No, you have not gone crazy

Spiritual Awakening… No, you have not gone crazy, even if that is the feeling you feel, and the question you are asking yourself.

Spiritual awakening

Ok, your friends have shunned you and you have deliberately passed on others. Suddenly the world seems absurd to you, and yet so beautiful. And then all these strange things that happen to you... first the physical sensations as if your body was coming to life, a life completely autonomous and independent of yours. First reaction?... “I must be harboring a serious illness.”

Then the sensations of having become an alien overnight because you no longer recognize the world in which you lived just yesterday. Or rather you look at it in one way, as if you have gone from severe myopia to perfect vision... with the ugly and the beautiful completely intensified. But no! you are neither crazy nor sick, nor have you undergone an ophthalmic procedure, without your knowledge... A little lost and confused perhaps, and that's normal... You have just taken a path that few will discover in their lives… the path to spiritual awakening!

The first time I experienced my spiritual awakening, I found myself isolated, without close friends or family. And of course, what was happening to me was not at all in my calculations. I had never even heard of the phenomenon of spiritual awakening. So everything came crashing down on me and, of course, during an already difficult time that I was already having trouble managing. So here I was on this new path I had not planned and even less imagined.

Alone in the jungle of my intrusive and disturbing thoughts, but which seemed to me the place of my destiny, I moved forward... By moving forward, I mean clearing the brush, cutting with a machete all these thoughts to finally see the light. This magnificent light that I perceived through the foliage of my questions, behind my illusions which were lost, and my beliefs which were fading. When I thought I was at the end of the road, other symptoms, other synchronicities appeared, my ego was peeling away before my eyes. But I had a strange feeling of happiness, completely contradictory to the inner battles I was fighting. My last friends were disappearing, but other people were appearing out of nowhere. People with whom I had an invisible bond, accentuated by unsaid things, because we recognized each other without a word.

Of course I also went through several periods where I wondered if there was something wrong with me. The few times I wanted to confide, the looks of others stopped me in my tracks. So yes! Maybe I was going crazy.

Then other questions plagued me: “Could I ever find my place in the world? Was I doomed to live alone in my own world that was more than real? Was I going to have to continue playing the role that had always been imposed on me?

But this world had become too small, and my expansion could no longer fit in it. As if the world had shrunk after several washes and I had gone from finite dimension to infinity.

Are you experiencing something similar, and feeling abandoned, alienated, or cut off? I have some super reassuring news, you are not alone and there is certainly nothing wrong with you.

Did you isolate yourself by choice, by instinct or by “circumstances”? In fact, the divine may have isolated you for a very good reason. Today's environment and society are far too raw, abrasive, far too aggressive for your new, almost ethereal sensitivity.

As we grow spiritually, all of our senses become heightened and we become more and more aware of our surroundings.

During your metamorphosis, it is often difficult to cope with the subtle energetic changes and invisible impressions that pyramid certain places or people, even outside of physical bodies. You need to adapt to your new vibration. So being exposed to all these stimuli can only make the process heavier.

So if you feel the need for solitude, trust the process. Your body must realign itself with the energy of your environment.

Now let's talk about something a little more down to earth, but which also affects our daily lives. Have any of you noticed that certain foods no longer pass through? Even a quick McDonald’s between two appointments is no longer an option? Or maybe your cravings are for healthier, fresher foods, just like that, without any particular desire to cherish your body? Quite simply, you have “healthy” desires. I even have the impression that milk or meat (which I have never eaten in excess), are too difficult for my system to handle. So they have practically disappeared from my menu unless I have no choice, during an invitation to a barbecue, for example. Otherwise I avoid them completely because they make me feel exhausted and woozy. That’s without counting all the preservatives and chemicals, I “smell” them in every sense of the word, smell and digestive. But our digestive system is not the only one that is more sensitive.

Our eyes also begin to pick up new things, like small sparks or halos of light. An entity or the energy around a person?

And what about those repetitive numbers that seem to follow you everywhere? Or these words, these names that you hear randomly as you come and go, on the airwaves or that you see on a screen, a poster or a graffiti? And the sudden thought of a person who a few seconds later will call you or send you a message? All this and lots of little or bigger things represent your “new” sensitivity to the universe, or to be more precise, your rediscovered sensitivity. These are the synchronicities of the spiritual adventure.

So all of this is wonderful on the surface, listed here in black and white, only it also means that we often find ourselves exhausted and overwhelmed by all the stimuli coming our way, drained by all this downloading of information. The world can seem too harsh, even almost abrasive during a spiritual awakening. We feel stripped of the essentials, we are naked, with nothing to protect us, and we feel every scratch... The old lady who has difficulty moving, the stray dog with protruding ribs, the news which makes it a point of honor to bring together all the atrocities of the world... from disasters to a child's tear, everything is like an open wound.

This may seem terrible from the outside, and indeed, it is not always easy. But in the grand scheme of life, it's a very beautiful thing. It is our conscience and our ego that lose layers. One becomes more open, the other evaporates.

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As an empath and highly sensitive person, I know all too well how real sensory overload is, and there are times when I would completely cut myself off from the world, just to avoid being overwhelmed. With all these new (and old) sensations, these quiet moments, where I stayed in a bubble of sensory deprivation, was (and increasingly is today) my way of finding peace in the midst of all this chaos. And the more time passes, after a second round of different but equally profound spiritual awakening, it is more and more difficult for me to be surrounded by people who are still walking around in a cloud of unconsciousness. I watch them evolve mechanically in life. But they, unlike me, are completely capable of handling all the drama, madness and chaos. I can't do it anymore. It's almost become intolerable. Does that make me, us, aliens or crazy? No, it makes us conscious people… quite simply. Awake and conscious!

With time and practice, you will learn to take control of your energy. You'll be able to move through multitudes of people, right into the center of chaos, while remaining grounded. But until then, it's normal to take a step back to take care of yourself, to allow yourself the space and distance necessary to navigate spiritual awakening without too much damage. You absolutely need to find your center and meditate as much as possible. If you feel isolated, or truly have no support system, don't despair! This could be a real blessing from heaven, because it is the time to rest, to recharge your batteries, and to integrate all the internal and external changes, and the invisible ones - not really ;) - of your energy. Remember, we are here to learn, to heal, and to shine our light. We are all on the same path. It’s up to us to make this wild and magnificent experience called life vibrate in harmony. So, keep growing, and embrace the journey you've embarked on, until next time!

Although spiritual awakening can leave one confused, disoriented, or even feeling like they are going crazy, this daunting and life-altering journey is essential for personal growth. If, from these lines, you must remember three ideas…

You are not alone. You have chosen this path. You have a mission.

So expand your light… and shine brightly!


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