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Free Discovery Call

This initial consultation is an essential step, without commitment on both parts, which will allow us to have a first contact, and to get to learn about each other. It will also give you the opportunity to confirm whether or not you wish to continue the quest to reveal yourself to yourself, and unbound your beautiful trait, with my help. Then we will define together the terms of my support according to your needs and possibilities (duration, frequency of sessions, price, ethics, established rules, etc.).


​During this 30-minute online meeting (on Meet or Whatsapp), we will assess the context of your situation, your needs and expectations as well as your relationship to your hypersensitivity. Then I will explain to you the expectations of the coaching, and we will agree on the “relational framework”.


​I will answer any questions you want to ask me about my work and coaching in general.

If we conclude together that coaching is not the most relevant support for you, I will suggest that you turn to a psychotherapist or any other professional likely to help you best.


The feeling and the relationship of trust and cooperation are essential prerequisites for the smooth running of the coaching (both for you and for me).

This consultation is all about drawing a first sketch of our beautiful coming alliance. It will allow you to discover my approach and my values. But the most important thing is that I want you to feel listened to, warmly welcomed and understood. On my part, I would feel grateful to be invited into your universe. 

At the end of our discussions, we will take stock of your motivation and your desire to engage in the process of coaching by my side. Then, we will schedule your first session in order to discover your sensitivity, your resulting strengths, your needs, and remove your brakes to finally make it an asset.

Discovery Call with Valerie

Take the first step and book a call! If you're ready to get started with the sessions,

please fill out the Coaching Intake Form here , and schedule your sessions below. 

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