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shhhh... this page is for you !

If you're

a Highly Sensitive Person,
you might:

  • Nobody gets you, you don't fit in, so there must be something wrong with you.

  • Experiencing stress, overwhelm, and anxiety in situations where there is a lot of external stimulation or when faced with a situation that is unfamiliar or uncomfortable.

  • Really tuned into your inner world.

  • As if others’ moods are contagious.

  • Bright lights, strong smell, and loud sounds are a no for you.

  • You absolutely cannot handle violence in movies or else.

  •  Worrying a lot about the future, or ruminating constantly on past events.

  • You don’t like having a lot going on at once.

  • You need time to unwind from stimulation, otherwise you can struggle with chronic fatigue, migraines or "brain fog".

  • You have a hard time to say, so you can put yourself in overwhelming situations.

  • You are so perfectionist that it can make you freeze. Then you end up taking no action at all, only to fall into procrastination.

  • You notice even the smallest details that others miss.

  • Making choices and taking decisions can be tricky for you.

  • Feeling moved on a visceral level by things like art, music and performance, or nature.

In a nutshell... let me introduce you !


✨  Feel things deeply, whether those things are positive or negative. While the highs can be true joy and happiness, the lows can be like hitting the rock bottom that can affect your stress levels, relationships, and ability to cope.

✨  Avoid situations that leave you feeling overwhelmed. Highly sensitive people may be more affected by certain situations such as tension, violence, and conflict, which may lead them to avoid things that make them feel uncomfortable.

✨  Have close relationships with others. HSPs care deeply about their friends and tend to form deep bonds with people. Again, the empathy and compassion that a highly sensitive person brings to the table is a powerful tool for being a supportive friend and loved one.

✨  Be grateful for the life you have. Highly sensitive people appreciate a fine wine, a good meal, or a beautiful song on a level that most people can't access. They may feel more existential angst, but they also may feel more gratitude for what they have in life, knowing that it is possibly fleeting and nothing is certain.

✨  Get more stressed when faced with difficult situations. They may also be stressed by things that may roll off of other people’s backs.

✨  Feel overwhelmed and rattled when they have a lot to do in a short amount of time, even if they ✨  technically have enough time to get everything done if they rush. 

✨  Tend to pick up on the needs and feelings of others, and be really in tune with their environment.

✨  Tend to be their own worst critics. They feel responsible for the happiness of others, or at least ✨  acutely aware of it when there are negative emotions floating around.

✨  Be more prone to being stressed by conflict. They may be more aware of trouble brewing in a relationship, including when things just feel a little off with someone who may not be communicating that there is a problem.

✨  Distractions may feel more frustrating for the HSP who is trying to concentrate, for example, or unpleasant smells in one’s environment may be felt more strongly and make relaxation more elusive for an HSP.

✨  Being their own worst critics, HSP are more prone to rumination and self-doubt. They may remember for quite a while if they make an embarrassing mistake, and feel more embarrassed about it than the average person would.

✨  Set up a safe space to withdraw after a busy day or an overwhelming situation, so they can have a 'solo' to rest and restore their energy.

✨  Feel uneasy or overwhelmed in a busy and crowded environment.

✨  Evolve into despair in critical, undermining settings, but in a supportive and nurturing environment, they thrive.

✨  Be exceptionally intense, passionate, perceptive, and creative.

✨  Feel a genuine connection to nature and animals.

✨  Resonate with being on a spiritual path or healing journey.

✨  Have the potential to become great leaders, and healers of this world.

Your Journey starts now

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, if you need any help to thrive with your trait,

book a 1:1 Coaching Session for Highly Sensitive People or Empaths.

Or join us to participate to a 6-weeks workshop

to learn how to feel more confident and empowered as a HSP or Empath.

It is more than a coaching session. It transforms your life.

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