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Meet your Coach


Certified Transpersonal Coach

for Highly Sensitive People & Wandering Souls

Hello everyone! My name is Valerie and I am a certified Transpersonal Coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSP), a Practitioner in Holistic Therapy and a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher. My passion is to help HSPs and empaths connect with their authentic selves and embrace the traits of their innate essence with a holistic and integrative approach and framework. I also accompany all those who are on their path of spiritual awakening by offering them advice and support to help them overcome the challenges or obstacles that may arise along the way.


As a coach, I will meet you where you are at and help you find your own truth in order to embrace your authentic gifts as a highly sensitive person or empath. This support will allow you to navigate more easily in a world that is sorely lacking in sensitivity.

I will never tell you what to do, but I will guide you through a deep exploration of yourself and offer direction to help you overcome the blockages and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from embodying your unique value and being fiercely confident.


I believe in the power to free yourself from past conditioning that locked you into a world in which you felt alienated, while opening yourself up to the fullness and release of your special trait or to pursue your spiritual path outside the box so that you can embody your gift with confidence.

I am an ambassador of your uniqueness and my mission is to raise awareness about the beauty and the need of the Highly Sensitive People in our lives.

Meet your Coach

Offer coaching in English, French & Romanian.

Learn more about My Work

I accompany you in the fabulous world of HIGHLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE. I will help you embody your gift of EMPATHY to avoid the suffering. I will guide you to navigate through the stormy weather and destabilizing stages of your SPIRITUAL AWAKENING with confidence and serenity.

Get to know My Values

After having lived most of my life in a male model by constraint and need, today I embody a female model of life while claiming the yin / yang balance that is in each of us. After years of working on myself, I managed to find the balance by aligning these 2 polarities so different, but, at the same time, so complementary. A yin and yang in my own way, between my head and my body, between my mind and my intuition, between my spiritual path and my daily life, between my feminine side and my masculine side.

I continue to dedicate myself to cultivating my own sensibility, claiming my authenticity, cherishing my vulnerability, indulging my passions, pursuing my thirst for knowledge, and spreading my compassion.


My values of listening, fluidity, compassion and empathy, dedication, vulnerability and leadership guide me to accompany you on your journey towards the embodiment of your quest for Self.



Listening is the essential element of life in society and it is the link that allows the fluidity of any relationship. Without it, communication is one-sided. It allows us to get out of the mono-culture of action to move towards reflection. It makes us leave the affirmation, to go towards the reciprocal exchange. The world would be different if everyone cultivated this sense which often comes down to just hearing without listening.



I am no longer the same as yesterday and certainly different from tomorrow. I gratefully accept the constant ebbs and flows. I honor the season of life in which I find myself. What is true for me today might not be true for me tomorrow, as I am continually changing in search of the best version of myself.



Compassion and empathy is love for others put into practice… and at the end of compassion and empathy, a great life lesson. The lesson that by turning to others is how we manage to find ourselves. Even though I have not always been able to put into words my innate needs to have a friendly and deep contact with others, since my childhood, compassion and empathy have always been my common thread in my relationship with others. I now see it as a social bridge between individuals that enables community and nurtures a sense of belonging and unity that is too often lacking.



It is lovingly embracing my depth, my thirst for learning, my wildness, my wisdom, my intuition and my mission here. It is dedicating myself to living and speaking my truth. It is to always be on the lookout for others with the eyes of a child full of experience. :)  It is to see the beauty and perfection of all Creation. It's always about giving a second chance. It is forgiving to set me free. It is to be in alignment with myself. Ultimately it is to follow my motto: "Love is the only answer".



What a pretty word, yet too often associated with weakness! Vulnerability is honoring that which in itself is not static or linear. It requires great courage to look and feel into one's own depths, for vulnerability begins with oneself. It is being intimate with our shadows, our secrets and our weaknesses.

To be vulnerable is to recognize who we are, who we are not and to compassionately accept all parts of ourselves.



Take a stand for my values. Praise vulnerability. Be the voice of those who have been silent out of shame, fear or disillusion and to empower them through self-acceptance, self-affirmation which will lead them to assertiveness and self-fulfillment.

Be constantly in search of a deeper connection with others, but also with myself. To not negotiate my personal truth. Lead from the heart, not the mind. Listen to my intuition. Contribute to awareness of the need for sensitivity.


If you are ready to connect with your true self, unleash the powers of your sensitivity and empathy, or embrace your spiritual awakening, I am here to support you every step of the way. Let's work together to awaken the butterfly within you whose benevolent vibrations will bring more humanity and love around you and into the world, while creating a deeply rich and fulfilling life for yourself.

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