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As someone who made the blind leap from a "normal and upright" lifestyle that didn't fit me, to establishing my true life purpose, I know how scary it can be to look deeper within yourself.

But today I continue my vocation to help others and finally I feel that my life has meaning, while finally living by my own rules, including my needs and respecting my limits to honor my sensitivity, my empathy and my spirituality. It is through this complete turnaround, and the incredible experiences I have had during this time, that I will surely pique your curiosity about how life could be like if you stopped believing that:


Something is wrong with you.

Nobody gets you.

Your ultimate dreams are out of reach.

You're too much.

You have to play by anybody else’s rules but yours.

You don’t fit anywhere.

Your family traditions and beliefs have to be your traditions.


I promise you that nothing above is true!

Together we’ll work through all of your ideas, beliefs, lifestyle choices, and inherited fears to identify which ones you can let go of so that you can determine exactly who you are underneath everything that others have piled on top of you. Then you can begin to polish yourself, buffing out any additional fears or traumas that are holding you back so that you can expose your gifts, your shine, to the world around you - a world of your making.


Once I was like you, today I am another person who reclaimed herself and tomorrow I will be an even better version of the one who’s writing now. I am a passionate believer that we are ALL gems to be discovered, if only we could wash out the mud over our brilliance.

Let’s shine together and make this world a better place!

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