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CLARITY Workshop

Together we will clear on your vision of sensitivity.

$27 / €25

Online Coaching

Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

Stand-Alone Workshop

Clarity Workshop for HSP and Empath

Offer coaching in English, French and Romanian.

This 90-minute Group Workshop is for HSP & Empaths who encounter different problems with their High Sensitivity. If you are ready to embrace your innate sensitive and empathetic nature, I’ll help you understand who you are, who you are not, and everything in between.

This is a stand-alone 1.5 hour class which is also part of the 6-weeks Wanderer Integrated Wholeness of HSP class.

It is an introductory workshop which includes a short presentation providing more information about the concept of High Sensitivity.

This WORKSHOP covers:

- What it means to be Highly Sensitive​

- Understanding and honoring your Needs and your Bodies Cues​

- Boundaries: how to not take on others moods and energies.​

- How Self-Care is a "must​" and non-negotiable.

- Tools to track your Energy and to transform your sensitivity into a Superpower.

1.5 hour Group Session

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