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Being sensitive is NOT being fragile.

I would really like us to stop associating sensitivity with fragility.

Visibility on social networks allows us to raise public awareness on important subjects, and this is the case that I am addressing with you today… a subject that is particularly close to my heart: the association of sensitivity with fragility.

People often think that because a person is sensitive, they are fragile, weak, irrational, or even neurotic. This is simply not true.

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Is it so hard to understand that we are wired differently, feel and process information deeply and complexly?

So yes, all the sensory stimuli to process can often overstimulate us, creating physical and emotional feelings of exhaustion. But that doesn’t make us fragile and weak people. We simply need time to rest and recover from our various experiences of the day, because we get tired much faster than average.

Saying we are fragile not only implies deficiency, but also carries connotations of psychological weakness, breaking down under pressure and needing to be taken with velvet gloves

Highly sensitive people experience the world at 100%. The fact that they sense their surroundings, and process information as deeply as they do while continuing to move forward, proves their resilience. The fact that they open up to their vulnerability allows them to access the reality of others, and in consequence, they are able to support them and serve them with compassion.

It is not fragility or weakness to be deep, vulnerable and resilient. It is proof of courage.

In fact, we have advantages that others do not have, because we can see, hear and feel what the majority cannot. We are also able to experience amplified feelings of joy, peace and love, it is a true gift.

But, with the “fragile” label stuck on their skin, it’s no wonder people are ashamed of being sensitive.

And I'm done with that. Stop underestimating us!

I made it my mission to restore a positive image of sensitivity in our society! A somewhat crazy mission given the scale of the work to be carried out, but essential, because the rejection of sensitivity causes enormous suffering.

Being sensitive is NOT being fragile. Share the post to raise awareness.

Take this short quiz (below) if you want to know if you are a highly sensitive person.

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What is your biggest struggle?

  • Feeling emotionally drained

  • Moving on and letting go

  • Criticism and conflict

  • Being under pressure

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