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Wired differently… spiritual approach!

Many highly sensitive people grow up thinking that they don’t belong to this world, that there's something wrong with them. Maybe there is some kind of truth in those ideas. Don’t come at me! At least, not before I share with you my spiritual approach on this false illusion that we don’t belong. We do belong. And about our beliefs or impression that there is something wrong with us, I think that the only wrong thing about us might actually be that we’re missing out on our life mission.

You all know now because science proved it… we are wired differently. We know that our nervous system is more active in certain parts of our brain. Intriguing! So we do think differently, feel things more intensely. Beautiful! We also have a heightened intuition and a greater empathy. Fabulous!

But what if those great differences had a spiritual meaning? What if we were born that way for the evolution of humanity? What if we have a mission here and now? Why not?

And what if sadly, most of us are missing their mission because they believe they are broken and need to be fixed?

What about seeing our unique trait as a blessing, as a gift, as our soul purpose?

Let’s take the road of this thought. If it is too woo-woo, you can stop here and read a more “down to Earth” article!

HSP: Wired differently… spiritual approach!

So for those who are still here, let’s explore my ideas…

Maybe some of you, in their childhood, were not interested in what they were being taught. Maybe most of you are extremely stimulated by an environment that is not suited to your internal guidance and your innate high sensitivity. Maybe lots of things are not aligned with your perception of the world. I get it.

But let’s take a look at our deep empathy! I wonder… Is it a gift to see through the mass illusion and to sense what everyone is hiding from the world: their longing for love, their suffering… ? And what if we were here to unveil the illusion, to wake up those who are continuously wearing a mask to fit in?

Let’s also look at another characteristic of highly sensitive people: creativity.

In my work and on my own journey, I really love to focus on empowering our differences, and creativity is another strong one of them. So let’s look where our creativity could play a huge role for mankind…. Coming into this world with new ways of perceiving it, with new thoughts, with new alternatives to heal, we can add so much to what is already created. Not to break down the old system but to widen the possibilities of our human experience, to remember our divinity instead of denying it.

What if our expanded awareness of the universe, of ourselves is what the world needs? What if we were here to be some kind of facilitators for a greater collective need? Wouldn’t you look at your hypersensitivity differently?

I believe that highly sensitive people are here to lead by example. Maybe we are older souls, souls who have been around many many times and came back to help the collective consciousness to evolve. But unless we do evolve ourselves, unless we understand and embrace our sensitivity, we are going to lose our purpose and who we are meant to be here in this world, now

I know you‘re going to think that it's easy to say but difficult to do when society is trying to break your way down, just to conform you to fit in. And I know that many of us have bought into that, myself included. Feeling misunderstood, feeling depressed can simply catch us down and make us repress our sensitivity and our different understanding of the world. I am aware of that. It isn’t always easy.

But those differences could actually be a huge benefit not only to yourself but to those around you. Then imagine the ripple effect of your own empowerment! It would be fantastic!

We also have to be real. Our society isn’t the place to search for support. Our society supports exactly the opposite of who we are. Objects have become more important than people and self-centeredness is a new normal. So it’s not easy to navigate around here, I will give you that.

The only solution is to honor your own sensitivity, your own gifts, to learn how to use them and teach others by being an example. But also to surround yourself with like-minded people, to find your tribe!

Practicing self-realisation and self-awareness are the starting points to create the change you want to bring. It is all about Gandhi’s famous quote: Be the change you want to see in the world.

So start honoring and tuning in your sensitivity and gifts. The more you will tune in, the more empowered you will become. Then you will see some miracles happening, you will get less and less bothered by your sensitivity.

To wrap up my thoughts and leave you with a positive outlook, this post is all about understanding that because we are wired differently than others, even if it has its challenges, it isn’t a burden, it’s a beautiful gift.

I challenge you to have a wider and deeper perspective on why you were born highly sensitive, and I encourage you to see that you have a very positive trait, a trait much needed to be the change in our world, to make it a better place!

If you know someone that could be inspired, please share it.

Be you... always.



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