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Detail-oriented, HSP second nature

A skill that comes naturally to a highly sensitive person (HSP) is attention to detail. It’s second nature. As a highly sensitive person, your sensitivity to your surroundings cannot be matched. You are a detail-oriented, meticulous person, able to notice the smallest anomaly, and detect subtleties that others might miss.

This could be at odds with your active inner life, and could make you believe that by always being in your thoughts you are not paying attention to your external environment. Quite the contrary! You are always in tune with your surroundings, from objects to people, from colors to lights, from a barely perceptible smile to a frown. Your senses are heightened to everything that occupies your world.

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At work

In your workplace, your keen attention to detail is one of your most useful personality traits. By relying on your keen eye for detail, you are often the first to notice the slightest errors, inconsistencies, misprints or calculation errors, and therefore you are the one to request the correction of the problem which could have gone completely unnoticed. You are like the quality inspector, without having the title. This is an invaluable quality that will often prevent damage in the department, on the production floor, in the store or on your company's website.

But you don't just notice mistakes or oversights, you also detect when one of your colleagues is not feeling well, disconnected, anxious or overworked. This is when your empathy also comes into action, and thanks to your compassion and your diplomatic skills, you will know exactly how to act to cheer them up or offer them your support.

Your attention to detail not only has a positive impact on your daily professional performance, but it will help improve your relationships with your employers, your colleagues, and of course your clients.

Highly sensitive people can therefore be valuable members of a team, especially in roles that require precision and accuracy.

In their relationships

As we have just seen, highly sensitive people therefore often have a more detailed awareness of their surroundings, which means they may be able to detect subtle nuances that others may miss. They are also very perceptive in detecting situations and changes occurring around them, as they are also able to identify the likes and dislikes of others. This makes them valuable, caring and attentive friends. Paying attention to the small details in a romantic or friendly relationship shows others that you are invested and care about the relationship.

Aside from a few minor difficulties, highly sensitive people can thrive socially, be a great asset in the workplace, and have fantastic relationships, because they are very caring, compassionate and extremely attentive. Believe me, your presence makes the world a better place. Although it's not always easy to be a highly sensitive person, I personally consider it a great gift of life.

Take this short quiz (below) if you want to know if you are a highly sensitive person.

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