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Forgiveness: the Drop-Free® Technique

The technique below can help with general forgiveness, but complex forgiveness issues may require more involved information from various other sources.

Forgiveness... breaking free.

Drop-Free® Technique

The following Drop-Free® technique was designed to help create objectivity which is often necessary to experience forgiveness. When our mind is racing and our emotions are on fire, it is hard to imagine experiencing forgiveness, whether it is forgiving ourselves or others.

The easiest way to begin using the Drop-Free® steps as a forgiveness tool is to practice on a person or an issue as you read the steps. First, pick a minor issue to start with, not one that’s highly charged emotionally, which often is more resistant to change. Think of someone or something that you want to forgive and you feel that you can because of the work you have already done. This will increase your confidence and resilience for taking on highly charged situations you wish to forgive or be forgiven. Remember to keep your attention and energy focused in the heart throughout the steps to stay coherent.

Step 1.

Become aware of your feelings regarding the person, challenge or issue you wish to forgive. (Don’t dwell here long. Get a sense of your feelings and continue with the steps.)

Step 2.

Focus your attention in the area of the heart. Imagine breathing ease or appreciation slowly and casually through your heart or chest area. (This will help calm your mind and emotions.)

Step 3.

Assume objectivity about the feeling or issue, as if you were considering it from a neutral observer’s perspective. (You may wish to consider the other person’s point of view. Consider what led up to the situation you want to forgive or be forgiven for.)

Step 4.

Rest in neutral in your objective, mature heart. Soak and ease any perplexing feelings in the compassion of the heart. This can help dissolve the significance a little at a time. (Learning to dissolve significance is important because the significance we create adds more challenge than the issue itself – in many cases.)

Step 5.

After dissolving as much significance as you can, sincerely ask your heart’s intuition for appropriate inner guidance or insight. Ask your heart what really matters here. This is an important part of Drop-Free.

We are not bad for having judgmental feelings, as these challenges are part of our learning and growing in spirit and personal empowerment. Yet, we are happier, healthier and more alive when these dark spots in our heart are relit with warmth and connection.

If you don't gain insight or feel forgiveness right away, practice the technique again at another time. Know that deeper and more complex situations may require a deep connection with your authentic heart to break free. Even if it takes weeks or months, it is worth sticking with the practice. The results will bring you inner peace. You have nothing to lose, only benefits to gain.

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