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How to know if you need a coach

There are times in our lives when we wonder if we need a coach. Certainly it has become fashionable and very widespread, and there are coaches in almost all areas. But you, dear sensitives and empaths? Have you ever wondered if you need a coach?

The reasons for seeking the services of a coach are so varied and vast that I thought it might be a little simpler to share 10 ways to know you don't need a coach.

I am often asked: “What exactly do you do?” »

And my typical short answer is: “Nothing is better than seeing people find their path, and along the way, their true Self.”

The long answer…

“I work with people who are highly sensitive or empath, like me. I help them find their own truth, so that they embrace their authentic gifts as a highly sensitive person or empath. This support allows them to navigate more easily in a world that sorely lacks sensitivity.

I never tell them what to do, but guide them through a deep exploration of themselves. I offer them direction to help them overcome the blockages and limiting beliefs that are holding them back. I teach them to know themselves better and build mental and emotional resilience. The goal is for them to embody their unique trait and be fiercely confident. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing that they can have a greater impact in the world, and that they navigate life and its uncertainties with joy, determination and grace. »

…a second question very often comes after: “How do I know if I need it?” »

And my answer invariably is: “You can absolutely do and be anything you want, and… you’ll get there faster with a coach!”

So here are the 10 ways that will let you know that you don't need a coach.

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Ready? You don't need a coach if...

  1. You are clear about your mission and purpose in life and you do everything you can to achieve them. Everything is perfectly mapped out for you.

  2. You have no blocks or quicksand in your life, and you are free from those recurring patterns that prevent people from achieving what they want. You experience your highly sensitive trait unapologetically.

  3. You know how to set goals and you achieve them continuously. Likewise, you have the ability to bounce back easily and quickly from setbacks, and nothing or no one can stop you from continuing to move towards what you want, even after a failure.

  4. You have harmonious relationships both in private and professional life. You have been able to make everyone around you “accept” your unique trait, and you feel perfectly understood and supported.

  5. You live your life with an overall positive mindset and you know how to manage your emotions, even in times of crisis. You know how to take life on the positive side whatever the situation.

  6. You have designed your life so that your work and private life are a true reflection of yourself, aligned with your values and your personal needs.

  7. Stress, overwork, overwhelm, overstimulation or anxiety are not in your vocabulary.

  8. You have completely found your place in the world, and made the most of yourself in a balanced way. You don't worry about your future.

  9. You live in harmony with yourself and have found perfect balance in all areas of your life.

  10. You know your priorities, your needs and your limits, and you know how to make them respected.

Often people are well established in their comfort zone and settle for much less than what they really want or expect in life. And because they accept their fate, without ever really making changes to achieve anything, the 10 points above aren't even on their radar as possibilities.

For others, it will be fear and a sort of paralysis that will prevent them from calling for help. And then, there is the large category who think they can manage anything on their own even if it means wasting months, or even years, fighting to achieve their goals, their balance or their well-being. I have been a part of them most of my life.

Now, if the above 10 points are true for you, then congratulations! You have done a tremendous amount of work on yourself and your life, and you take your personal growth and development seriously. I can only salute you.

Take this short quiz (below) if you want to know if you are a highly sensitive person.

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In my experience, everyone wants something different in their life. Some are willing to invest time, energy and money into resources that will help them get there faster and more efficiently. Sometimes that resource is a professional coach.

There is one thing that I not only say often and that I am the first witness to, is that others see great things in you that you do not usually see yourself. I meet so many people who are not at their full potential or who are in emotional pain, simply because they don't know where to start, and feel lost. Everyone hides treasures that are too often well hidden by the problems and vagaries of life, and for the highly sensitive people, this can be a lack of recognition of their trait or non-acceptance.

Sometimes it only takes one coaching session for it to click, sometimes it takes much longer, but if you find the coach who suits you and in whom you have complete confidence, it can be the start of a very nice collaboration and above all a great achievement!

What resources do you use to stay on track and achieve your goals? Let me know. I would love to hear from you!

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