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We are all one, it’s simple math!

I have always had a deep awareness and gratitude towards my ancestors. As the years go by, with a little more experience and wisdom (I hope!), I often wonder if I let them down or if, in some way, I made their wildest dreams come true in certain areas of my life? Maybe, maybe not!?!

Since I discovered the Ancient Mathematics formula years ago, I have always shared it as many times as possible with my friends. So of course, I want to share this simple formula with you. This helps a lot to explain why our own healing is so important in a more “scientific” way. Or, for those who like numbers, and are perhaps more skeptical of the idea of karmic imprinting, this might just be something interesting and fun! :)

I never really needed math to think about my lineage, but maybe some of you do…so enjoy! For me, every time I struggle, when I have a hard time, I remember that math formula and the mind-blowing numbers, and it keeps me going, with my head held high and my eyes turned to the sky, whispering, “ THANKS ! »

Old black & white family picture
Through our ancestors, we are all connected!

So there you have it… to be born, we needed:

2 parents

4 grandparents

8 great-grandparents

16 Seconds Great-Grandparents

32 third great-grandparents

64 fourth great-grandparents

128 fifth great-grandparents

256 sixth great-grandparents

512 seventh great-grandparents

1,024 eighth great-grandparents

2,048 ninth great-grandparents

In conclusion, for us to be born today from the previous 12 generations, it took us a total of 4,094 ancestors over the last 400 years.

Very simple mathematics but how inspiring!

But then, if we go back even further, we will of course eventually find a person, whose identity is probably lost to time, who had descendants, and who is the ancestor of every person living on Earth today. today. And this, whatever their ethnic origin! Another way of saying that we are all connected… scientific and mathematical! Through our ancestors, we are all one! It is simple math!

And here comes my pensive state... We all have karmic imprints and limiting beliefs (not just from our own past lives, if you don't believe in them), but from all of our ancestors.

When we think about our entire ancestral lineage, we wonder what they had to go through for us to be alive today. How many struggles and trials? How many hopes and betrayals? How many love stories? How many broken hearts? How many of our ancestors gave their lives in the name of an ideology, to save their own or to pave the way for a better future? How many were betrayed, murdered, died too young? How much happiness and how much sadness? How much sacrifice, strength and determination?

If we knew the history of our ancestors, we might be pleasantly surprised at what we discover, but we might also be horrified at times. However, there is gold in every story, even the most tragic ones.

If you think about what your ancestors may have gone through, good or bad, you begin to admire them and feel a strong sense of well-being, because you are part of a greater whole. Usually it makes me calmer, more thoughtful and above all more patient when I'm about to make a rash decision, or when I'm feeling down.

It also allows you to gain greater confidence in where you are going and what you are trying to accomplish, once you consider where you have come from. The more you think about your family, the more you say to yourself, “If they did it, I can do it.”

Then comes this feeling of great gratitude because you appreciate the price that was paid by those who came before you. And the emotion of gratitude is linked to your ability to have more willpower to make a more determined choice.

I often struggle to explain to skeptical people why it's so important to work on our inner self-healing, even when things are going relatively well in our lives, and it doesn't really seem necessary to do the stuff of woo woo that you choose to do. ;) But it's not like that!

It's actually more important to heal and create some sort of daily spiritual routine in our lives when things are going well. In these times, it is naturally easier to focus on these routines, so we can somehow prepare ourselves to face a “battlefield,” when it appears, and it always does. This is, quite simply, life with its ups and downs. Then, when things get difficult, our routines and familiarity with our own spiritual medicine will determine how we respond during these difficult times.

Perhaps with the ancient math formula in mind, you'll experience one of those aha moments and realize that everything has meaning, inspiring you to begin your inner healing.

When I think about my parents and grandparents, I feel so much gratitude, and I also feel like I owe them a lot. Those from whom we come are part of our genetic imprint, our energy field. It's just sitting there, waiting to be triggered by our own or others' words, thoughts or actions in this life, so that it can arise and finally be healed, not just for you, but for our entire ancestral lineage , and for our children and our children's children.

I could write and write, but I may have already bored you. So that’s it for this edifying subject!

I hope this inspires some of you to think about your own inner healing. It's never too late or too early to start focusing on your inner health and beauty, and your lineage is calling to help you heal it.

In this space we explore various healing modalities, from simple to more complex tools and techniques such as meditation, energy healing, shadow work, yoga, EFT, gratitude practice... in order that everyone can choose what they resonate with and apply it in their life. Join us and let’s heal together!



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